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Prof. nadzw. dr hab. inż. Adam Jabłoński
Ogłoszenia dla studentów: Nowa pozycja książkowa "Business Models in...
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Nowa pozycja książkowa "Business Models in The Future"
Tekst podstawowy:
Dynamic changes taking place in the contemporary world require managers to have a new outlook on business. Internal and external environment creates a new dimension of the management process in an enterprises. High competition, without limits, the contemporary attitude to leadership and new systems of values resulted in appearance of new management paradigms and in consequence the new models of successful companies. Also big inertia and flexibility of an organization resulted in strategic changes in company management. This monograph on the above-mentioned issues is a collection of articles on modern methods, concepts and models of management, currently applied in the management theory and practice.
This monograph aims at presenting selected issues relating to functioning of enterprises managed in a modern way. It is a kind of instruction showing a dynamic character of existing trends in designing modern business models of enterprises. Moreover, the monograph refers to the issues of educational processes shaping the profile of the 21st-century managers.
Deliberations included in the subsequent chapters of the book focus among others on the following issues: sustainable development, sustainable business, the creation of value, performance management, a company strategy, a stakeholder theory, challenges in education of managers and economists, and innovation in economy.
The book is addressed to a wide range of Readers: managers, supervisory board members, business consultants and investors. Moreover, it may prove very useful to the academic community: lecturers and students, as well as postgraduate students.
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